All college students have those nights where school work is just the last thing they want to do. I’m no different. In search of an exciting distraction I asked a friend for an idea. She suggested “Trivia Night” at two local places. I’d never done any type of group trivia contest before.

Tuesdays nights around Rowan University seem to be Trivia-crazy (since two local restaurants had different contests taking place that same night). First, we went to Carolina Blue around 7 PM for intense rounds of “Quizzo”. It’s a team game where an announcer read about eight questions per themed round. As a group you write down answers on a ballet and hand them in to the announcer. After four rounds, the score is calculated and winners are announced. The first round was global information which was very hard so I made sure to eat my meal during that time. (One Trivia Rule learned: Always pretend to be preoccupied when you do not have correct answers). The next two rounds were sports and entertainment. Every question was very specific and factual. The only one I knew was that Corn Flakes was the first Kellogg’s cereal! Overall, the questions at Carolina Blue were pretty difficult and directed towards a smarter crowd!

We left at about 8:30 PM to make our way to Landmark Americana. It was crowded, like usual, with Rowan students. We caught the 10 PM Trivia Night game. This competition was a little different. We had a team name and wagered points for each question per round. Questions were varied, but this time they were ones I could answer! Topics ranged from American Idol winners to world history. After each question someone from the group submitted the answer to a score keeper. After two hours, three winning groups were announced. We placed third with 420 points! As a prize, we won glass mugs.

Trivia was a fun and different experience. It allows you to be with friends over good food and drinks while stimulating your mind. It’s pretty funny (and sad) how many stupid facts we all know. My challenge to you? See how good you are in trivia. It’s not as easy as you think!

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