Everyone Needs a Good Laugh

Normally when comedians I like come to town, I think about going but never actually do it. But when I heard Chelsea Handler, from Chelsea Lately  on E!, was coming to Tower Theater in Pennsylvania, I knew I could not miss it. 

College students are on a tight budget so my friends and I were forced to buy separate seats for $39 each in the upper section. Thankfully, people moved around when the show began so we were able to sit together. The show was set to start at 8. Chelsea is known for her love of vodka (Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea is her autobiography that’s also New York Times bestseller). Because of this, the bar had a list of vodka drink specials, and there were girls in their twenties drinking cocktails everywhere and laughing with their girlfriends. It’s almost like Chelsea has spurred a cult of her own!

At about 8:15, Heather MacDonald opened the show. She is a comedian and regular on the Chelsea Lately “Round Table”.  I found her raunchy humor similiar to Chelsea’s, and her celebrity impersonations were hysterical. She made fun of everyone, from Drew Barrymore to the cast of The L Word.

Finally at about 8:45, Chelsea stumbled onto stage with a red cup in hand, which I’m assuming was filled with something other than water! What’s different about a comedy show is it has a simple set-up with just a chair and a microphone. Behind that was a larger projection screen to show the comedian for the audience. Chelsea just broke  right into her act with no introduction. Alot of her show was from her two books but also improvisation. Audience members would chant out things like “We love you Chelsea!”, and she always had a witty remark. The best part for me was that it was uncensored and completely out of control. The hit E! show pokes fun at celebrities, but alot of her own funniness comes from how she laughs at herself. She ended at about 9:45 after an hour of laughs that left me in tears.

I couldn’t have had a better experience with my first comedy show, and I wonder if the next act I see will even compare. I suggest that everyone attends a comedy show at least once in their life because after all…

Laughter is the best medicine.

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