A Work in Progress

Trying new things for this blog has made me realize there are many experiences I want to have in my life that go beyond just this school semester. I am currently working on a list- similar to a “bucket list”- of goals I want to complete in my lifetime. By the end of this semester, I will post my own personal list.

My challenge to you? Make a list of life goals for yourself too! It’s fun to dream and even better when you accomplish those dreams. Trying everything from new foods to new events has made me more knowledgeable on topics as well as feeling more complete as a person.

Need help? Look to some of these sites for inspiration:

1000 Awesome Things posts daily about the small things in life that make a person happy, counting down from 1000. On March 12, they recognized the way a person feels after getting off of a plane after a long flight. Maybe you could read some posts and see if you’ve experienced life’s small pleasures- and if not, do it!

On March 10, 2009, iCing suggests different ways that people can look at paying bills. By having a more positive mindset in such a bad economy, you could possibly be happier and stress less. “Being content with money issues” or “stressing less” could be a goal on your life list that you work towards.

Sandy’s Year of New Things is a personal blog where a lady named Sandy posts daily as part of her goal to try something new everyday. She reflects in her March 12, 2009 entry how she’s struggling with giving up Dunkin Donuts for lent! Try giving up something that may not be that good for you and replacing it with something healthier!

(These are just several sites I use often for new ideas. Check them out. I’d love to see what ideas you may have in mind so please leave comments!)


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43 Things

It’s interesting to see how things you’ve tried and accomplished in life shape the person you are. 43 Things is a website and book that focuses on self-improvement. 1.5 million registered users post 43 personal goals they want to achieve. As they try these new things, they cross it off their life list. Others can also comment on how they accomplished that same goal or “cheer” a person on. The website has a very cool survey (listed below) that analyzes your personality based on things you’ve done in your life. I suggest filling it out like I did. I’m actually creating a list through their website and also looking to others for inspiration on tasks I can try out.

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I’m a

Self-Improving Organized Extrovert
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