As I walked into my local gym the other night, I thought “I’ve taken other workout classes before. I can handle Zumba“. After interviewing a specialized Zumba instructor and doing research online, I prepared myself mentally. The question now: Was I ready physically though?

The room was filled with women from ages 17 to about 60. There was one man who stayed towards the back, overwhelmed by all the estrogen surrounding him I’m sure! I was the only beginner so I positioned myself towards the rear corner of the room. Class started with everyone doing synchronized stretches to salsa music. The cool thing about the class to me is the music. It had over ten styles of musics, from Latin to Hip Hop, so there is definitely something for everyone! The moves picked up as the beat did. The exercise format is like learning a dance, bopping and shaking and shimmying all over. The room begins to feel like a highly-energized dance studio rather than an average gym fitness center. It’s not like a step-and-sculpt class where you use mats and steps. It’s just you, dancing and burning off 500+ calories while probably looking like a complete uncoordinated idiot. But the cool thing with Zumba seems to be- Nobody cares! Everyone in a way embraces that no one besides the instructor can dance, so inhibitions are left at the door. The hour class flew by as everyone laughed and pulled out their craziest dance moves. One thing I found interesting is lot of the girls said they have taken some of the moves learned in class to clubs with friends or weddings with family members.

Who ever knew working out could be so much fun? I’ve caught the Zumba craze. I recommend everyone try it, and I bet they will love it too…

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As I mentioned recently, I am going to be trying a Zumba fitness class. Before I jump in, I interviewed Zumba instructor Janine Morano for more information. (more…)

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