Buy and Try: Hummus

Food shopping for me is a process rather than a quick twenty minute errand. I read all the labels with every suggested recipe on the back and then compare calorie counts. During this week’s food shopping trip to ShopRite I found myself wandering around (like usual). I ended up in the gourmet section near the strange cheeses and dips when it hit me- I’ve never tried any of them! So, I decided to buy hummus.

I’ve always seen it on menus, suggested with pita bread or fresh veggies. I bought Athenos Roasted Red Pepper for about three dollars, grabbed some tomatoes, cucumbers, and crackers for dipping, and headed home.

My verdict? It was very bland. The texture of the chickpeas and roasted peppers mixed with olive oil made it very thick. I guess I assumed that this would mean it would have more flavor, but it was the opposite.

I guess I’m not understanding the whole hummus fad. I mean there is even blogs about Hummus! But I’m not closed-minded. Maybe I’ll try another brand or flavor. People have even suggested going to a local authentic Greek restaurant which is something I think would hopefully be better than the packaged product I had. So maybe a future goal of mine will be to try homemade, authentic hummus? We will see! 🙂

Image Provided By: Athenos.Com
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