2DO Before I Die

I am in the process of making a list of goals and experiences I want to accomplish in my lifetime. As I walked around Border’s looking for a book for another subject, I ran across 2Do Before I Die: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to the Rest of your Life. On the cover were small pictures with captions like “Plant a Tree” or “Meditate in a Himalayan Cave”. I knew right away I needed to buy it.

2DO Before I Die features personal accounts of experiences people have had when they made it a mission to make a list of things to do in their lifetime. The book helps inspire people to find what THEY want to do in life. It’s broken down in themed chapters. For example, “Roots” deals with perhaps “Meeting a Childhood Hero” or there’s “Challenge” which suggests “Take up Karate”. The levels of the ideas all vary and anyone can find something that they’ve wanted to try.

Another very cool thing is they have a 2DO Before I Die official website that has it’s own blog. Different contributors offer insight daily on what others can try. There is also a section of life lists that the public has started, and people are constantly posting new ideas.

I strongly recommend that everyone gets a copy of the book. It’s an easy read, very creative, and a wonderful inspiration for my very own life list that’s currently in progress!

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