Girls Can Do It

Sometimes new tasks come to you when you’re not even looking. I definitely was not trying to fix a flat tire, but the situation presented itself. My boyfriend and I were driving when I hit the curb (not anything new for me, oops). The car seemed to be driving okay for the first few miles, and then we heard a POP! On 322, we stepped out and looked at the bubble that had formed on my front right tire.

In a state of panic, I realized I did not have AAA emergency road service or even money for a towing company. My boyfriend laughed at me and said, “You are such a girl. You can put a doughnut on it. This is not a problem, Shay.” No problem to him, right? I had no clue how to change a tire. Yet he showed me step by step.

He explained how the first thing to do is put on the emergency brake and make sure we were in a safe place as far off the highway as possible. Next, he loosened the lug nuts by using a wrench in a counter clockwise rotation. He started the motion but made me finish it. We then placed a jack under the cars frameto lift it up. I was amazed at how the car lifted so easily because of the aerodynamics involved! When the car was about 6 inches higher, he lifted off my old wheel and placed the doughnut tire. He had me re-screw on the lug nuts. We slowly lowered the car using the jack again. To be extra safe, we tightly secured the lug nuts.

And that was it! I was shocked it was so easy. So I successfully changed my first flat tire in about ten minutes. No sweat or money involved!

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