As I mentioned recently, I am going to be trying a Zumba fitness class. Before I jump in, I interviewed Zumba instructor Janine Morano for more information.

zumba11What exactly is a “Zumba” fitness class?
Zumba fitness is based on Latin dance moves with an aerobic flair.  It is designed to give you a full body cardio workout while having fun.
Why do you think it’s all the craze in the media?
Like all new things, the media always gets involved.  Zumba began in 1999 in Miami, Florida and has become the newest fitness sensation.  The founder of Zumba is origianally from Columbia and the craze has slowly evolved across our country.  It is only fitting that the media reports a trend that people are involved in and are actually having fun. It’s new.  It’s fresh.  It’s fun.  The media is actually helping people consider getting into shape by their reports on the newest craze. 
Do you have to be in certain physical condition to try a class?
Zumba is designed for every person on every level.  There are classes for the beginner up to the most advanced Zumba goer.  Like any excersise program, you should be aware of your physical capabilities and possible handicaps.  Zumba is designed to target every part of the body and burns between 500 and 1000 calories per class.  As stated, because of the different levels of physical exertion, Zumba is for everyone.
How do you become an instructor?
To become an instructor, it is always helpful to have a Latin dance backround and physical fitness.  It is important to understand how the body works, muscle groups and how to shape the body.  There are Zumba training coarses offered to become an instructor.
What inspired you to teach Zumba?
I was a competitive Latin/Ballroom dancer and teacher and always enjoyed the physicality of the routines.  After having my first child, and not competing any longer, I was looking for an excersise program to get back into shape and have fun.  I came across Zumba.  The fact that it is about Latin dancing without the need of a partner was intreging.  When I started the workout, I saw the baby weight melting away and I stuck to the program.  Now, after 4 children, I am an instructor and proof that the program works.
What advice do you have for college girls specifically, or anyone, who wants to get in shape for the summer season?
I know what it is like when you get into your routine at school and sometimes physical fitness is not part of your day.  When you decide to get into shape for the summer, or better yet, for life, it needs to be a committment.  Along with attending class, you have to have the proper eating habits and try to watch caloric intake.  Calories are everywhere when you’re in college.  Everyone’s body is different with different needs to consider when entering an excersise program, but if you stick to proper diet and physical conditioning, you will be on the right track.  The hardest part is sticking to it and making the committment.  The sooner you start, the better your life will be.
When and where is this class, and how do you sign up?
Zumba classes are being offered in gyms, dance studios and rec centers across the country.  To find which classes work for you, locate the facility and find out what they offer. 
(Janine teaches at Bright Stars Gymnastics School in Egg Harbor Township. To find a class near you, check out the official Zumba website.)
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