Interview Soon!

It is time for the usual summer shape up now that it’s officially spring. Girls everywhere are starting up  fad diets and using gym memberships that they’ve had all year but used maybe twice. I’m no exception. I’ve already cut out soda and started eating more vegetables, but I realize it’s important to exercise in order to be healthier.

But what’s something new and different that I can try while accomplishing the task of getting into shape? I’m going to try the very popular Zumba class. It’s all the craze. Latin dancing combined with resistance training… Sounds interesting but challenging! To make sure I am capable of doing the class and to find out more before I dive into the world of Zumba, I have set up an interview with an instructor. Stay tuned.

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  1. […] As I mentioned recently, I am going to be trying a Zumba fitness class. Before I jump in, I interviewed Zumba instructor Janine Morano for more information. […]

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