Mission Cupcakes

I always cook and prepare my own meals. Breakfast sandwiches and healthy chicken dinners are very easy for me to make. However, I do not bake. I attempted baking a pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving two years ago for the family as a part of my “contribution” to the giving spirit of the holiday. The result? The crust of the cheesecake was burnt, the kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off, and the actual cake tasted watery.

cupcakeBut this blog is all about challenging myself, so I decided it was time to trying baking cupcakes for my friend’s birthday party tonight. For one thing, it is a cute, unique present that is affordable! (All you need is cupcake mix, frosting, cupcake baking sheets, candles, and cute decoration). I also figured I could tackle the art of baking. Cupcakes have to be easier than cakes, right?

I bought two packages of Betty Crocker mix and made sure to follow the step-by-step directions to avoid common baking mistakes. I recommend these easy recipes for beginners because the instructions on the back are simple to follow and address any problems you may have. The ingredients are also very basic (just eggs, vegetable oil, and water). To spice things up, we combined a Devil’s Food cake flavor with a French Vanilla one to create a “swirl” effect. After filling up the cupcake holders, I just popped them in the oven. 18 minutes later, they were cooked to perfection. I let them cool for about a half hour and then added Pillsbury whipper vanilla frosting. Because it was my friends 21st birthday, we had the creative idea of making 21 cupcakes and topping them off with 21 different alcohols. Different, cheap, and delicious!21st Birthday cupcakes

I realized “I can bake!”… Well, at least pre-made mixes following simple instructions. I recommend everyone tries baking because it’s yummy and fun. Also, it is a great idea for a gift in today’s money-tight economy.

Image provided by Kraftfoods.com

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  1. This is such a cute idea! What could be better for a 21st birthday than cute little cupcakes and cute little shots of vodka? It was also smart to link to common baking mistakes for people that are cooking challenged like myself. Maybe just link to some other cute birthday ideas, just for more variety.

  2. Shana,

    I love your cupcakes! My favorite part of birthdays is baking the cake, and I am DEFINITELY going to try this out for the next big day.

    Overall, your blog is absolutely inspiring! It’s a fun read and makes me want to go out and try some of these things you’re doing. Only critique is that you should include more pictures!! Keep up the good work girlfriend!

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