First Motorcycle Ride!

I said I’d never ride a motorcycle. They’ve always scared me. But for the purpose of this blog, I need to challenge myself to do new things. So I sucked it up and jumped on my mom’s boyfriend’s “crotchrocket” Suzuki motorcycle and took a ride!

Motorcycle safety requirements in New Jerseyrequire helmets to be worn, so the first thing we did was put one on me. They are heavy, and I felt like a human bobblehead! Next, we got the bike out to the street and started the engine so it heated up. Dan put on his gloves so he had a firmer grip to steer.

The Suzuki GXR750 we rode  is considered a “crotch rocket” bike because of it’s hunched over seating and aerodynamic shape. They are much more sporty in design than the typical Harley Davidson motorcycles and can be used for stunts. Jumping on to the passengers side was a little tricky because of this leaned forward seating. It’s not the most comfortable.

I held on the driver and off we went starting at 5 MPH but eventually making our way to almost 30 MPH. I would not let him go any faster. It’s similar to the way a jet ski rides, where the control is all in the driver and the passenger must hold on and trust the driver to not mess up. It’s exhilarating to have no seat belts and no real protection. It’s just the riders, the bike, and the wind blowing against your body. Taking a bike ride to enjoy the weather and scenery is completely understandable and something I’d like to do again. But you’ll never see me speeding down the highway!

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