Interview Soon!

It is time for the usual summer shape up now that it’s officially spring. Girls everywhere are starting up  fad diets and using gym memberships that they’ve had all year but used maybe twice. I’m no exception. I’ve already cut out soda and started eating more vegetables, but I realize it’s important to exercise in order to be healthier.

But what’s something new and different that I can try while accomplishing the task of getting into shape? I’m going to try the very popular Zumba class. It’s all the craze. Latin dancing combined with resistance training… Sounds interesting but challenging! To make sure I am capable of doing the class and to find out more before I dive into the world of Zumba, I have set up an interview with an instructor. Stay tuned.

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Mission Cupcakes

I always cook and prepare my own meals. Breakfast sandwiches and healthy chicken dinners are very easy for me to make. However, I do not bake. I attempted baking a pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving two years ago for the family as a part of my “contribution” to the giving spirit of the holiday. The result? The crust of the cheesecake was burnt, the kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off, and the actual cake tasted watery.

cupcakeBut this blog is all about challenging myself, so I decided it was time to trying baking cupcakes for my friend’s birthday party tonight. For one thing, it is a cute, unique present that is affordable! (All you need is cupcake mix, frosting, cupcake baking sheets, candles, and cute decoration). I also figured I could tackle the art of baking. Cupcakes have to be easier than cakes, right?


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I’m a “Follower”

Apparently, I am now a “follower” in many senses of the word. Yes, I am challenging myself to try out Twitter.

In Online Journalism class, we had a whole lesson on the new phenomena. It’s pretty much everywhere from television shows to online news. Signing into WordPress today, there’s an informational post on how to add Twitter to your blog. Well, that’ what I’m doing.

What is Twitter? I’m still trying to figure that out. It’s been compared to Facebook Status updates and how people constantly tell what they are doing to their social network online. However, people who use Twitter say it’s much different- and in fact, better. Twitter describes itself as “a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?” From my recent research, journalists, friends, family, celebrities- everyone seems to have a Twitter account. Where have I been?

I was not going to make an account. I hesitate about signing up for online social networks because of the lack of privacy, plus I hate admitting I’ve given into a trend. But when I received an e-mail from Twitter announcing my mother had invited me to Twitter- yes, even my mother’s with the program- I realized it was time to try something new.

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A Work in Progress

Trying new things for this blog has made me realize there are many experiences I want to have in my life that go beyond just this school semester. I am currently working on a list- similar to a “bucket list”- of goals I want to complete in my lifetime. By the end of this semester, I will post my own personal list.

My challenge to you? Make a list of life goals for yourself too! It’s fun to dream and even better when you accomplish those dreams. Trying everything from new foods to new events has made me more knowledgeable on topics as well as feeling more complete as a person.

Need help? Look to some of these sites for inspiration:

1000 Awesome Things posts daily about the small things in life that make a person happy, counting down from 1000. On March 12, they recognized the way a person feels after getting off of a plane after a long flight. Maybe you could read some posts and see if you’ve experienced life’s small pleasures- and if not, do it!

On March 10, 2009, iCing suggests different ways that people can look at paying bills. By having a more positive mindset in such a bad economy, you could possibly be happier and stress less. “Being content with money issues” or “stressing less” could be a goal on your life list that you work towards.

Sandy’s Year of New Things is a personal blog where a lady named Sandy posts daily as part of her goal to try something new everyday. She reflects in her March 12, 2009 entry how she’s struggling with giving up Dunkin Donuts for lent! Try giving up something that may not be that good for you and replacing it with something healthier!

(These are just several sites I use often for new ideas. Check them out. I’d love to see what ideas you may have in mind so please leave comments!)


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Everyone Needs a Good Laugh

Normally when comedians I like come to town, I think about going but never actually do it. But when I heard Chelsea Handler, from Chelsea Lately  on E!, was coming to Tower Theater in Pennsylvania, I knew I could not miss it. 

College students are on a tight budget so my friends and I were forced to buy separate seats for $39 each in the upper section. Thankfully, people moved around when the show began so we were able to sit together. The show was set to start at 8. Chelsea is known for her love of vodka (Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea is her autobiography that’s also New York Times bestseller). Because of this, the bar had a list of vodka drink specials, and there were girls in their twenties drinking cocktails everywhere and laughing with their girlfriends. It’s almost like Chelsea has spurred a cult of her own!

At about 8:15, Heather MacDonald opened the show. She is a comedian and regular on the Chelsea Lately “Round Table”.  I found her raunchy humor similiar to Chelsea’s, and her celebrity impersonations were hysterical. She made fun of everyone, from Drew Barrymore to the cast of The L Word.

Finally at about 8:45, Chelsea stumbled onto stage with a red cup in hand, which I’m assuming was filled with something other than water! What’s different about a comedy show is it has a simple set-up with just a chair and a microphone. Behind that was a larger projection screen to show the comedian for the audience. Chelsea just broke  right into her act with no introduction. Alot of her show was from her two books but also improvisation. Audience members would chant out things like “We love you Chelsea!”, and she always had a witty remark. The best part for me was that it was uncensored and completely out of control. The hit E! show pokes fun at celebrities, but alot of her own funniness comes from how she laughs at herself. She ended at about 9:45 after an hour of laughs that left me in tears.

I couldn’t have had a better experience with my first comedy show, and I wonder if the next act I see will even compare. I suggest that everyone attends a comedy show at least once in their life because after all…

Laughter is the best medicine.

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First Motorcycle Ride!

I said I’d never ride a motorcycle. They’ve always scared me. But for the purpose of this blog, I need to challenge myself to do new things. So I sucked it up and jumped on my mom’s boyfriend’s “crotchrocket” Suzuki motorcycle and took a ride!


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All college students have those nights where school work is just the last thing they want to do. I’m no different. In search of an exciting distraction I asked a friend for an idea. She suggested “Trivia Night” at two local places. I’d never done any type of group trivia contest before.

Tuesdays nights around Rowan University seem to be Trivia-crazy (since two local restaurants had different contests taking place that same night). First, we went to Carolina Blue around 7 PM for intense rounds of “Quizzo”. It’s a team game where an announcer read about eight questions per themed round. As a group you write down answers on a ballet and hand them in to the announcer. After four rounds, the score is calculated and winners are announced. The first round was global information which was very hard so I made sure to eat my meal during that time. (One Trivia Rule learned: Always pretend to be preoccupied when you do not have correct answers). The next two rounds were sports and entertainment. Every question was very specific and factual. The only one I knew was that Corn Flakes was the first Kellogg’s cereal! Overall, the questions at Carolina Blue were pretty difficult and directed towards a smarter crowd!

We left at about 8:30 PM to make our way to Landmark Americana. It was crowded, like usual, with Rowan students. We caught the 10 PM Trivia Night game. This competition was a little different. We had a team name and wagered points for each question per round. Questions were varied, but this time they were ones I could answer! Topics ranged from American Idol winners to world history. After each question someone from the group submitted the answer to a score keeper. After two hours, three winning groups were announced. We placed third with 420 points! As a prize, we won glass mugs.

Trivia was a fun and different experience. It allows you to be with friends over good food and drinks while stimulating your mind. It’s pretty funny (and sad) how many stupid facts we all know. My challenge to you? See how good you are in trivia. It’s not as easy as you think!

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Buy and Try: Hummus

Food shopping for me is a process rather than a quick twenty minute errand. I read all the labels with every suggested recipe on the back and then compare calorie counts. During this week’s food shopping trip to ShopRite I found myself wandering around (like usual). I ended up in the gourmet section near the strange cheeses and dips when it hit me- I’ve never tried any of them! So, I decided to buy hummus.

I’ve always seen it on menus, suggested with pita bread or fresh veggies. I bought Athenos Roasted Red Pepper for about three dollars, grabbed some tomatoes, cucumbers, and crackers for dipping, and headed home.

My verdict? It was very bland. The texture of the chickpeas and roasted peppers mixed with olive oil made it very thick. I guess I assumed that this would mean it would have more flavor, but it was the opposite.

I guess I’m not understanding the whole hummus fad. I mean there is even blogs about Hummus! But I’m not closed-minded. Maybe I’ll try another brand or flavor. People have even suggested going to a local authentic Greek restaurant which is something I think would hopefully be better than the packaged product I had. So maybe a future goal of mine will be to try homemade, authentic hummus? We will see! 🙂

Image Provided By: Athenos.Com
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