Going Green

In a time when money is tight and energy sources are running out, all you hear about in the news is going green. I can’t buy a hybrid car or switch to a solar-powered house, but I can make small changes.

I challenged myself to green my apartment, which I’ve never done before.

In order to do this, I had to do some research and found tips on “green” blogs and websites on how to alter my apartment to be more environmentally-friendly.

  • I am now using fluorescent light bulbs. Not only does it reduce electricity costs (because it uses less energy) but it also lasts longer, decreasing energy costs by about 75%  Another important thing I did was unplug electronic devices that were not being used in order to save energy.
  • When I went shopping today, I picked up several “green” products. Clorox Green Works has an entire line of cleaning supplies that are natural, meaning they are biodegradable and come from renewable resources. I bought their All-Purpose Cleaner and natural cleaning wipes. It promises to be 99% natural and have no harsh chemical residue. These products worked just like any other cleaner I used and were the same price!
  • One of the easiest and most effective things to do is recycle. Instead of just throwing everything in the trash, I separate it into several small, stackable containers for cans, papers, and plastics. Recycling is not only relevant to these items. Batteries, paints, and cell phones can often be donated to local town halls and reused, so think twice before you toss them away. Now the only thing going in the trash can is… trash!
  • One major tip is to use secondhand furniture because it saves materials used and reduces waste in the enviroment. For a college girl, this was very easy since everything I have in my apartment is an older piece handed down from my family. However, I will go to the local thrift store or a yard sale to buy used furniture if I do need some.

These are just a couple things I did to green my apartment and contribute what I can to our environment. My challenge to you? Try to do the same! There are thousands of ways to go green and some way you can help.

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