Rubbed the Right Way

My first task! I tried something new and got my first professional massage at bluemercury spa in Atlantic City at the Tropicana Casino & Resort. (Okay, calling my massage a “task” is probably inaccurate :-D)

The experience was relaxing and enjoyable but definitely different than I expected..

When I walked into the spa, I was directed downstairs to a secretary for an official check-in. Since I reserved a couples massage, they made each of us fill out a form that asked personal information and our expectations. (I wrote “Relaxation!”). We arrived 15 minutes early, as told when making reservations a week ahead. Next, my boyfriend and I were directed into separate locker rooms to change into robes and slippers:

I had to leave my camera in the locker with all my personal items. There were showers, saunas, tons of personal hygiene items, and lots of space to walk around in. Around the corner was a sign that read “Exit to Women’s Lounge”. It had a plasma television, fresh fruits, bottles of water, and cute pastries all set up. There was another optional door that read “Exit to Coed Lounge”, which is where I went to meet up with my other half of the massage experience! This area was much bigger and had actual lounge chairs where couples can lay down waiting for their masseuse. Two older women approached us right on time at 5 o’clock for our schedule massages. We followed them to our room, which looked like two rooms separated by a retractable wall. However, for the couples massage they left the rooms open and connected.

And so the massage began! Being college students, we signed up for the cheapest package they had: Swedish Massage for 50 minutes $105. This is said to be a “relaxation therapy for improved circulation and stress reduction”. It started just around my temples which really calmed me down. At first I was unsure and alert, but as the massage continued I found myself sinking into the heated bed and listening to the relaxation music they had playing in the background. It was a full-body massage, so it worked itself from the head all the way to my toes. For the first thirty minutes, I laid face up with a cooling eye mask that smelled of lavender. Arms, shoulders, and legs were the target points of the massage. Then, the massesue left the room while I flipped over and placed my head in the face portion. She placed a heated towel over my back and wrapped my toes in a heated wrap. (The heat element felt amazing!). She then focused on the upper thighs and my favorite part, the back. The technique used on the back really targeted my stress points and felt the best. And like every good thing, it was over before I knew it…

For my next time: Deep tissue massage! I asked my masseuse what type of massage would work out the knots in my back (which was the best part to me). She said this is a deep-kneading massage where they really work out stubborn knots and stress points. Only $25 more and definitely worth it I think.

My challenge to you: Try out the different techniques of massages (deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot stone, etc.) There are plenty of massage services in South Jersey that aren’t as expensive as bluemercury- I just splurged this time!

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