Going Green

In a time when money is tight and energy sources are running out, all you hear about in the news is going green. I can’t buy a hybrid car or switch to a solar-powered house, but I can make small changes.

I challenged myself to green my apartment, which I’ve never done before.


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43 Things

It’s interesting to see how things you’ve tried and accomplished in life shape the person you are. 43 Things is a website and book that focuses on self-improvement. 1.5 million registered users post 43 personal goals they want to achieve. As they try these new things, they cross it off their life list. Others can also comment on how they accomplished that same goal or “cheer” a person on. The website has a very cool survey (listed below) that analyzes your personality based on things you’ve done in your life. I suggest filling it out like I did. I’m actually creating a list through their website and also looking to others for inspiration on tasks I can try out.

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I’m a

Self-Improving Organized Extrovert
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Spotlight On Sweets and Sweethearts

My first time performing in a college show: It’s called Sweets and Sweethearts (If you’re a facebook user, check that link out!)

What was my motivation?Well, as a transfer student, I felt very disconnected from the whole college social life and missed being involved. One day, walking around the hallways of Robinson Hall at Rowan University, I saw a flyer for auditions for RUMTC, the Rowan University Musical Theater Company- check that out facebook users!. It is one of Rowan’s student run organizations that produces musical theater pieces throughout the school year. I prepared a verse from a musical in November for auditions and was pleasantly surprised when I got cast in the show!

What is it? S&S is a cabaret-style concert featuring some of Broadway’s best love songs. I’m singing “In Whatever Time We Have” and “One Boy” as solos. I’m also in several group songs, including the very popular “Seasons of Love” from the musical Rent. Everyone involved is a music major except for me- woo, Journalism- so it’s definitely been a challenge learning the notes and getting my voice ready.

How was it? Thursday’s Show at 8 PM was a success! The thrill of being on stage is only one a performer can understand. The turn out was about 40 people which was the perfect amount for Boyd Recital Hall in Wilson Hall. Baked goods were free to audience members, and tickets were just $5. My songs went well! Since it’s a smaller theater, the sound resonates really well so we did not need microphones or anything. The program was laid back, and it was nice to be a part of something created by us students.

Will there be a next time? I hope so! Since this experience was so much fun, I want to do other RUMTC events soon. And my challenge to you? Get involved in a Rowan student-run program. You’ll meet new people and stay busy! It doesn’t necessarily need to be musical theater, but I’m sure they’d love anyone who is interested to get involved!

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Rubbed the Right Way

My first task! I tried something new and got my first professional massage at bluemercury spa in Atlantic City at the Tropicana Casino & Resort. (Okay, calling my massage a “task” is probably inaccurate :-D)

The experience was relaxing and enjoyable but definitely different than I expected..


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First Post!

Hi! I’m Shana Gorski,a junior at Rowan University currently majoring in Journalism. I love singing, shopping, acting, being with friends, etc. (The usual things a 20-year-old college girl enjoys). However, I’ve decided I want more life experience outside of my usual daily routines, and let’s face it… Rowan can get kind of boring. As if creating a blog isn’t hard enough for the non-internet savvy like myself, I’ve decided to step outside the norm and challenge myself to try new things as a part of my beat for this blog. My goal is to report on my own personal accounts with trying something new and hopefully, I can encourage college students like myself to try new things as well! I am optimistic about this blog and excited to see where it takes me 🙂

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